NCM Staff Nationwide
Developing Generations of Disciples

You'll find representatives of the Navigators Church Ministries across the nation—faithfully serving pastors, church leaders, and laborers for the Kingdom within their communities.

To the right (or below) you'll be introduced to the NCM Director Team—Roy and Margaret Fitzwater, Sam and Shirley Hershey, and Dennis and Mary Jane Blevins. To locate NCM staff across the nation, you'll find a link to the right, or you can click here.

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Roy and Margaret Fitzwater serve as Co-Directors of Navigators Church Ministries, whose staff partner with church leaders to develop sustainable cultures of evangelism and discipleship. NCM staff especially focus on the areas of life-change and church-change.

Sam and his wife, Shirley, have served on The Navigators staff for 35 years, 24 of which has been with the Navigators Church Ministries entity, where Sam serves as a member of the Director Team.

Dennis Blevins grew up in the South, learning from his parents about the truth of the Bible. At a young age, he trusted Christ and was helped to grow in his small church in Atlanta, Georgia. His parents were involved with The Navigators in the 1940s.