Training "Titus 2 Women"

The phone call from Shelley made my day. She was looking for information on discipling, and the Navigator Church Ministries office had given her my name. We set up a time for a phone call, and I found out her heart was to train “Titus 2 women” (Titus 2:3,4) who would meet with and disciple younger women.

Shelley is a younger woman herself, in her early 40s. I told her about the NavPress book series A Woman's Journey of Discipleship, and she thought that it would be a great tool. She wanted to know how to get started with a meeting she was planning with some potential Titus 2 women at her church.

Imparting the vision of spiritual multiplication so that others embrace it is so important.

I told her about the group of ladies I meet with and what we are doing to hold each other accountable and grow in our vision for building spiritually in the lives of other women. For the last several months we have been journaling about and memorizing passages from Psalms dealing with what God says about imparting His truths to future generations. We get together and share our journaling, pray, and, of course, have lunch!

I sent Shelley the Scripture passages our accountability group has been going through, and she is going to use them in her meeting. "These verses are perfect and great for casting vision,” she responded. “They are verses that I have read before but never grasped as they refer to generational ministry! Perfect for Titus 2.”

What a joy it is work with this disciple who is so motivated to train women to help other women grow spiritually! I look forward to hearing how God will use Shelley to impart a vision for spiritual multiplication in generations of women!

Judy serves with Navigator Church Ministries in Austin, Texas. You can contact her by clicking here.