Fellow Sojourners

I love this phrase—"Make disciples who make disciples”! It has 2 Timothy 2:2 written all over it, “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.” Along with other Navigators across the nation, it’s always a joy to see this happen as part of our work with The Navigators Church Ministries.
“What,” you might ask, “does that look like in everyday life?” Recently, I got a glimpse of it in “real time”—that is, when two men on Calvary Worship Center’s “D-Path” (Discipleship Path) turned in their write-ups in response to their processing of The 2:7 Series® from NavPress.
I’ve been working with Calvary Worship Center in Colorado Springs for a few years toward building a Great Commission culture first through the men’s ministry and thus affecting the whole church. We went through our Growing intentional Disciplemaking Culture process, including creating an “image” to represent the spiritual journey.
The image the church liked was that of a pathway—thus, the D-Path. Along the way are four signposts those on the journey pass by: KNOWGROWSHOW, and GO. Each step of the way, they process through appropriate materials for where they are on the journey—and I receive and respond to their write-ups following each lesson.
With their permission, I invite you to come up alongside and listen to the conversations of two sojourners who recently shared about their experiences with the lesson on “Spending the Day in Prayer”:
Kevin: “It truly is an important step in our training as disciples”

Spending a day in prayer sounds so difficult and to be honest boring. We decided that we will spend at least three hours with God. It turned out to be a wonderful day. I began in the morning with my usual prayers of thanksgiving and supplication. I then went into my usual devotion. Next I went into some Bible study, reading the Psalms and marking those things that had an impact on me. I then went into prayer again, this time praying over the worry list we had made the day before. I spent a half hour or more on this, which was surprising. I then took communion, reflecting on my own soul and relationship with Jesus. The whole time I had my music going, so after this I put on the Maranatha Praise Band and sang along with them singing "The Revelation Song" among others (one of my favorites). My dog couldn’t get outside soon enough. :) After this I just read my Bible for a while. I was reading the gospel of Matthew. It’s amazing that no matter how many times you read any book in the Bible, you always are able to come away with some new truth or revelation. At the very least a deeper understanding of something you thought you already knew. I finished with more prayer asking to be filled with the Holy Spirit and the fellowship of Christ Jesus. I also fasted during the day, breaking my fast in the evening. It really was a wonderful day and the time goes by much faster than I thought it would. We are going to do this at least once a quarter or maybe once a month. It truly is an important step in our training as disciples. Loved it!
Doug: “I was not ready to end my extended time with God”
My extended time in prayer with God can be described in one word, wonderful!! The members of my group decided that we would each spend at least three hours of extended time with God. When I completed my time with Him, it turned out to be around four hours. I used the suggested format in the training material and broke my time up into three areas. The three areas were, Waiting on God, Praying for Others, and Praying for Myself. I started with Waiting on God and began my session by asking the Lord to keep me focused on Him because I have been having some issues with my memory that is causing my mind to wander, even during my daily prayers. I spent approximately an hour and a half reading Scripture (mostly in the Psalms), worshiping the Lord in song, and a few minutes of silent reflection. Next, I spent about an hour praying for others. I have a pretty extensive prayer list, but I noticed that the way I was praying was different from the way that I typically pray each day for others. The words just seemed to flow from my mouth with such ease, and I spent a lot more time on each person than I would typically spend each day. Then I started praying for myself, which took about thirty minutes, and also included a few passages of Scripture regarding praying for myself. I reached the three-hour point and was not ready to end my extended time with God, so I got in my truck and drove to the Gateway Prayer Garden in Fountain. I spent about 45 minutes singing praise and worship songs to Him, with earbuds in my ears and my hands raised up to Heaven. Thank you Jesus!!!

I hope this comes as an inspiration to you, this picture of "Making Disciples Who Make Disciples" within the local church. Perhaps it might even spur you to imagine what it might look like in your local church. Feel free to contact me here to get the conversation rolling! As always, let us know if we could be of some support or encouragement to you in life and ministry!

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