Mindful Living

God is mindful of us. This truth amazed the psalmist David: “what is man that you are mindful of him . . . ?” (Psalm 8:4, NIV).
I thought of this verse recently as I tackled two household plumbing projects. The more I thought about it, the more I wondered how mindful we are of God as we approach the everyday tasks and priorities in our lives.
It would be simple to move forward without prayer. While I’m not a plumber, I felt comfortable working on my projects. One I had done before, but I am always less certain any time copper pipe is involved. The other was a new repair I had never attempted before—Colorado outside faucets are not made like California outside faucets. I set out to do these projects on my own—again, prayerfully mindful of God in the process.
To some, this might be over-analyzing some basic plumbing projects. But to me, it was an acknowledgement that God can be just as concerned about how I approach living in relationship to Him as much as He is with my stewardship in doing plumbing repairs.
In fact, throughout the process, all I could think of was the term “mindful.” While David began Psalm 8 in praise to God and His majestic name in all the earth, he recognized that he, though a king, was nothing in God’s presence nor did he consider himself especially significant in God’s plan for mankind. Yet God was still mindful of him.
I’m not one to specifically appeal to the Lord in prayer for tasks that clearly must be addressed, but I am mindful of my dependence upon Him for guidance and wisdom for what I was about to delve into.
So, being mindful of my limited capabilities with plumbing, I sought to carefully review the steps I was going to have to take as I set off to tackle the jobs. I purposely worked slowly and deliberately to best work toward the goal . . . and not against myself.
On the other side of these two projects, I recognized that being mindful of my dependence upon Him and purposeful in my approach proved especially satisfying. I’m mindful just how grateful to God I am that He’s given me a fairly handy nature, patience, and a reasonable mind to approach situations in a manner that honors Him.
He is mindful of each of us as well—in everything we do and think!
In our society, being mindful has taken quite a new and different focus. A recent article described mindfulness as “the act of being intensely aware of what you’re sensing and feeling at every moment—without interpretation or judgment.” Such “mindfulness” is meant to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression; reduce negative thinking and distraction; and improve our moods.
There is a sense that this thinking may be more of what God might want of us as we seek Him and His guidance in our lives. Shouldn’t we be more attuned to His presence in our lives at every moment? Shouldn’t we seek the peace that passes all understanding?
In Psalm 144:3-4, David reasserted the need to recognize what God has done for us. Once again, he is mystified by the truth that God is mindful of him—and us. For, as David writes, “Man is like a breath; his days are like a fleeting shadow.”
How many of our tasks and priorities are really but a “breath”? In the big picture, most all of them are. Yet God is mindful of us!
Being mindful demands our attention and our focus . . . and our dependence upon Him in every situation of life. Then, like David, we can praise Him to an even greater extent as our Rock and for His majestic name!
For more information about how you can stay the course, refer to the Wheel Illustration. The Prayer Spoke. Prayer is the natural response to God as we hear Him speak through His Word. It is sharing our heart with the One who longs for our companionship and who cares about our concerns. Prayer not only trains our hearts and minds to know the power and glory of God, but also turns His ear towards action in our lives and of those who we pray for (John 15:7, Philippians 4:6-7).