Get Real and Go Deep

Our God is unquestionably relational. He birthed a nation through a family. He grew this family through forty years in the wilderness. Jesus launched a church with a select group of twelve. He started small and went deep, investing in a few. When we get small and go deep, we get real; we invest in people relationally, discipling them life-to-life. The journey towards becoming a disciple making church begins the same way . . . we start small, get real, and go deep.
Eighty-five years ago The Navigators started the same way. Dawson Trotman was a lumberyard worker who came to be known as the “father of modern-day disciple making.” He began by walking alongside Les Spencer, passing on practices to help him in his own spiritual journey. One-to-one, Life-to-LifeTM—the first generation.
A man of action, Dawson was the first to use disciple as a verb. He once said, “Activity is no substitute for production. Production is no substitute for reproduction.”
With eight and a half decades of disciple-making experience, Navigators know disciple making. Alumni from our collegiate and military ministries are contributing in churches around the world. We believe that disciple making is relational, intentional, and generational . . . and we have a track record that proves it.
This is why our Navigators Church Ministries staff aim to bring our experience and resources to life in the local church across the United States. Our original NavPress Bible study materials set the standard for today’s discipleship studies. The 2:7 Series® has helped disciple millions of people around the world. Our focus is to reproduce disciple makers and grow disciple-making cultures in the local church for Kingdom growth to impact the nations. 
We do this by starting the way God does: relationally. Our staff walk alongside pastors and church leaders to develop disciple makers. We teach them to model disciple making before they begin to plan for disciple making. Cultures are built through models and multiplication, not just strategic plans.
We’re eager to take part in this year’s National Disciple Making Forum and hope you will be able to join us! We want to serve you. We can help you deepen your relational approach in your church. Our biblical and time-tested process of building a culture of disciple making will help you multiply disciples in relational and intentional ways, leading to generations of disciples who will impact their communities for Christ.
Join us at the 2018 National Disciple Making Forum in Nashville for the following sessions:
Get Real & Go Deep by Nurturing People Instead of Programs – Programs don’t make disciples, people in relationship do. Thriving disciple making cultures have programs that promote healthy relationships. Come ready to discuss the keys to transformative relationships.
Get Real & Go Deep by Healing Relational Pain Instead of Hiding It – Real relationships sometimes cause real pain. Unaddressed relational hurts will ultimately hijack momentum in a disciple-making movement. Join us to learn how to biblically process relational pain so that it bears a disciple-making harvest instead of havoc.
Get Real & Go Deep by Freeing People Instead of Sidelining Them – Disciple making is for everyone, not just for “people” people. So how do you develop those who are hindered by social anxiety, personality make-up, or just plain awkwardness? Everyone can become a relational disciple maker. Journey with us as we cover how to relationally help those who struggle interpersonally. 

We would love to see you at the 2018 National Disciple Making Forum by in Nashville October 25-26, 2018—and please invite your pastor(s) and church leaders as well! The National Forum will help you grow as a disciple, develop disciple-making skills, and impact your community. Learn more or register here.