A World of Difference

We in Navigators Church Ministries have a common vision: “Growing disciplemaking people and cultures through churches in every U.S. city to impact the world.” We're excited to see this vision become reality as God uses our team of staff and laborers to raise up generations of disciplemakers across the nation. I hope the following update from our ministry based in the Rocky Mountain Region will provide a snapshot of what God is accomplishing through our many staff and laborers nationwide!
New Life in Kenya—At Christian Life Church

This picture excites me more than I can say—and I hope it does you as well! Pastor Richard Asale is using the Mighty Men of Valor discipleship series that I co-wrote to disciple about a dozen men at Christ Life Church in Kitale, Kenya. Pastor Richard is co-founder of the church as well as the Seeds Mission, which provides an orphanage and school to the children in the slums of Kitale. He is also using the series in pastor training at nearby Mount Elgon. Notice in the picture printouts of each of the three books in the series—“Strength,” “Courage,” and “Passion.” Since we first produced the series, we’ve seen several thousand copies downloaded (for free here) or purchased on Amazon (here). May God continue to use this series to make a Kingdom difference here in the United States and around the world! 
H. B. London’s Homegoing—The Art of Discipleship
What an incredible difference this “pastor to pastors” made in his lifetime! See Christianity Today's write-up on H. B. London’s life and ministry here. I had the privilege of meeting this larger-than-life man of God and being a guest on his Pastor-to-Pastor broadcast several years ago talking about disciplemaking in the church. It was such a joy to talk about the personal disciplemaking ministry God has given me through the years, which affected the spiritual journeys of such men as Kevin, Bruce, and Bob (whose stories I tell on the broadcast)—and also my own along the way! It’s titled “The Art of Discipleship” and you will find it online here. I sure hope you have an opportunity to listen to the broadcast, and that you will be inspired and encouraged by H. B. London and his heart for Jesus and the church!
Eugene Peterson’s Homegoing—The Man Behind The Message
I received a call from my friend Kevin the other day. He lives in California now, but he and I were especially close friends and partners in ministry back in the ’90s. “I’m leading a Bible study now,” Kevin told me, “and I’m using The Message Bible. I remember when you gave it to me when I was moving, but it’s only now that I’m getting into it and using it in this study. I’m really enjoying it and so are the people at my church!” If you’re not familiar with The Message, which has sold millions of copies since its debut in 1993, it all began when Eugene was a pastor of a small Maryland church trying to help his congregation understand the Scriptures in a fresh way. I told Kevin his comment was timely, as we had just learned of Eugene’s passing the day before. Kevin’s story reminds me that God will continue to use Pastor Eugene to help people understand the message of Jesus and His Kingdom in a fresh way—and also how God uses the humble seeds we plant day in and day out to flourish in His time!

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