Cost of the Cross

"Do You Believe?” is a movie now showing in more than 1,100 theaters across the nation. Here's how you can answer questions it is sure to raise. 

Getting Our Minds Around God

Understanding the various colors of God’s love is not only critical for salvation but also for discipleship. Otherwise, we tend to make everything blue or red or whatever color we like.

Wholly Surrendered

It’s a month into the new year. How are your new year’s resolutions going? So often “diet” tops the list of new year’s resolutions. I found that my new-year’s study in the book of Daniel confronted the issue head on.

Real-World Affirmation

In the "real world" of business, you may not expect affirmation. Yet Kingdom living creates an affirmation-rich zone. Or it should. 

Leadership Lessons from Skip Gray

Skip Gray is a senior leader in The Navigators. When he speaks, people listen. Much of what he learned about leadership came through the years as he faithfully served in the shadow of such notable leaders as the ministry’s founder, Dawson Trotman.