Open Doors

Is it possible that church doors appear more closed than open? For the unfamiliar, crossing the threshold into a church building is a difficult step to take. "Will they welcome me? Will I feel comfortable with what goes on?" 

"Panera Men"

If you're not connecting regularly with a small group, you may be what Howard Hendricks has called "an accident on its way to happen.” Pastors, ministry leaders, "laborers in the harvest" must make this a priority. Here's a picture of what that looks like. 

Royal Generosity

Especially during this season, as we celebrate the holidays with family and friends, Christians seek to honor the Father with our gratitude for all of His blessings—and most of all for His Son. In light of this, let me take a moment to encourage you with a few reflections on the following passage in Esther, which I came across while doing a Bible study on generosity.


Eric’s tiredness and need for a break was the backstory of our meeting. I might not have caught this if he hadn’t revealed this background information. This discovery changed the course of our conversation.

Lean In, Lean On

While we draw closer to God through prayer as we open ourselves and our lives up to Him, it very quickly becomes clear how we are similarly needful of close relationships within the body of Christ as the human extension of His love for us.