A Quiet Hero

Meet a small businessman from Ohio who has a big impact through generational disciplemaking.

"Next Steps" for New Believers

When people meet Jesus Christ in your church, is there a follow-up process? How do you help them take their crucial first steps of faith?

Why Is a Baptist Observing Lent?

Practicing the church calendar can help us “strip aside every weight that slows us down” so that we can keep our eyes on Jesus. 

Developing a Disciplemaking Church

In this podcast, learn proven principles for creating a culture of disciplemaking in your church.

All About Generations

Where did Elliot's passion for discipleship come from? He grew up in a church that's intentional about disciplemaking. In fact, the church has been raising up disciples for decades! Be encouraged and inspired by Elliot and his wife, Courtney's, desire to be used of God to raise up generations of disciples as well.