A World of Difference

God is using Navigators Church Ministries to raise up generations of disciplemakers through our efforts across the nation. We hope you will be inspired by this update from the Rocky Mountain Region, just a snapshot of what God is accomplishing through our many staff and laborers nationwide!

Building Bridges

All of us long to have a positive impact on those around us. But what if the people we reach out to do not want to connect? 

Loving Support

Just think about recent news headlines involving the church—pastors affected by #MeToo allegations, perennial church conflict issues, one pastor so overwhelmed he took his own life! Distressing! What pastor or church leader doesn't need loving support in his or her life and ministry?

I Pastor Pastors

My approach to helping must be as varied as the pastors themselves. I seek to fit the plan to the person and not the person to the plan.

Making Disciples in India

A professor from India relates how The 2:7 Series® revolutionized his ministry 40 years ago and continues to bear fruit today.