Get Real and Go Deep

This is how we do discipleship: Like Jesus, we start small, get real, and go deep. It's also the theme we'll unpack at the 2018 National Disciple Making Forum in Nashville October 25-26, 2018.


Thank you to all who protect and preserve our freedom! I believe the freedom we enjoy has even greater implications for us as Christians.

How a Movement Starts

One person can start a movement. Max Schmid is such a person, one of the driving forces for making disciples at Calvary Bible Church in Bourbonnais, Illinois. 

From Atheist to Christ Follower: Nate

We could never have guessed that selling our old laptop on Craig's List would play a part in a young man's journey to faith.

Let God Use You

God puts people in our way every day. If we watch for them, He can use us to help them draw closer to Christ.