Serving as a Mobile Alongsider

Vern was part of the group of four who met bright and early at Panera Bread Thursday mornings here in Colorado. We had vibrant conversations week after week, and it was Vern who especially flourished like a fruit tree in Florida!

Mentoring vs. Disciplemaking: What’s the Difference?

As I work with pastors and church leaders, I’ve learned there are some discipleship terms that people confuse, misuse, and abuse. 

Your Mission as a Manure Spreader

What do you do when you don’t see the progress you’d like in building a culture? How do you encourage church leaders if things go slowly?

Discipling in a Busy Season

The men in her church had been growing in discipleship and disciplemaking. Yet no one was helping the women. What could a busy mom do?

A Great Awakening

“Being coached in disciplemaking has greatly impacted me as a person, as a pastor, and even now in retirement. Soon after my coaching experience began, God awakened me to be His disciple through daily meditation and journaling