Take Action

After a conference your mind can be filled with a whole lot of ideas and concepts. Taking action on them can be another story altogether. 

Through Jesus’ Eyes

I had been a part of many Bible study groups, but never one for homeless women. What would I say? What should I not say?

It All Starts with ONE

God starts with ONE. God launches movements beginning with just one. The journey toward becoming a disciplemaking church begins with just one. You just might be the ONE for your church. If not, are you willing to be that ONE?

Training "Titus 2 Women"
Judy Miller (center, in pink) with her accountability group

The phone call from Shelley made my day. She was looking for information on discipling, and the Navigator Church Ministries office had given her my name. 


What do you want your life to look like in the next three months? Six months? A year from now? We picture a bright future. Yet how to get there from here?