Cheering You On

Know that we at Navigator Church Ministries long for you to thrive in life and ministry. Here at the outset of the new year, we encourage you to take some time away—whether at a coffee shop for an hour or a conference center for a day—and assess where you've been this past year and where you would like to go in the new year.

The Silver Bullet of Spiritual Growth

Spurring people on to grow spiritually is not easy. As complex as the task is, though, I have discovered a silver bullet that helps everyone mature in Christ.

Take Action

After a conference your mind can be filled with a whole lot of ideas and concepts. Taking action on them can be another story altogether. 

Through Jesus’ Eyes

I had been a part of many Bible study groups, but never one for homeless women. What would I say? What should I not say?

It All Starts with ONE

God starts with ONE. God launches movements beginning with just one. The journey toward becoming a disciplemaking church begins with just one. You just might be the ONE for your church. If not, are you willing to be that ONE?