Bible Studies

Looking for both seasoned and fresh Bible studies that help small group members grow spiritually and learn how to help others do the same? Check out the broad assortment we have here!

The 2:7 Series®  UPDATED

Recently updated, The 2:7 Series® focuses on having a more personal, intimate relationship with God. Now with more room to write answers and journal, this seasoned course in personal discipleship just went deeper.

A Woman’s Journey of Discipleship is written for women by women who know this journey first hand. This series could revolutionize your life, your church, and your community.

The Ways of the Alongsider is more than a Bible study or a program. This Bible-centered guide is a fresh approach to making disciples in life-to-life ways.

Check out this seasoned series of discipleship studies. Appropriately starting with “Your Life in Christ,” additional titles focus on the character of Christ-followers, living as a Spirit-filled follower of Jesus, day-to-day walking with Christ, and faith foundations. Take a look for yourself!

Here's a very practical Bible study series to help new Christians become established in their faith. As Jesus walked alongside His first followers to help them understand new life essentials, so this compact series will help you provide stable grounding for new believers.

Beginning the Walk provides you the essentials you’ll need along the way, including your identity in Christ, faith, the Word, prayer, community, grace, and the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

A Bible Study for Men from The Navigators

Every Man a Warrior has a total of 27 lessons and may be the most practical Bible study most men will ever do. It is designed specifically to deal with the issues that men face and need to succeed in. This field-tested and affirmed series has been used with men of all ages from teens to men in their 70s.

High Quest Track 1 for Women

"HighQuest I: Knowing Christ Deeply" is the natural starting place for the spiritual journey to begin because it equips women to develop their relationship with Christ by Meeting with God on a daily basis and the pathway of a disciple of Christ.

High Quest Track 1 for Men

This three book unit introduces the development of a successful journey with Christ, the pathways God has designed for His followers to walk and the nature of God as he has revealed himself in Scripture.