High Quest "Knowing Christ Deeply" for Men
High Quest Track 1 for Men

This three book unit introduces the development of a successful journey with Christ, the pathways God has designed for His followers to walk and the nature of God as he has revealed himself in Scripture.

Book 1 of Knowing Christ Deeply

This unit in the HighQuest series is the natural starting point for developing a successful journey with Christ. His Works introduces the spiritual skill set of an Appointment with God(AWG). This skill is based on developing the habit of spending a few minutes in dialogue with Christ each day reading the Scripture and praying. The AWG is foundational to the entire HighQuest series.

The purpose of the AWG is to develop the ability to listen and talk with God on a personal and consistent basis. It is like a climber checking his compass to insure he is heading in the right direction. The AWG is laid out on a 5 day plan with selected passages to read that correlate with the topic for the week.

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Book 2 of Knowing Christ Deeply

This is another unit in the HighQuest I: "Knowing Christ Deeply" track. It teaches the Appointment With God skill as it looks at the pathways God has designed for His followers to walk.

The topics include:
* Choices, God's pathway to Destiny
* Weakness, God's pathway to Strength
* Promises, God's pathway to Perspective
* Obedience, God's pathway to Blessing
* Sacrifice, God's pathway to Fruitfulness
* Truth, God's pathway to Freedom
* Humility, God's pathway to Honor

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Book 3 of Knowing Christ Deeply

This unit of HighQuest looks into the nature of God as he has revealed himself in Scripture. The timeless and ultimate purpose of God is to be known for who he is. The prophet Habakkuk wrote centuries ago, "For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of God as the waters cover the sea" (Hab. 2:14).

God is the initiator of his glory, revealing himself in nature, his law, Christ, the Gospel, and his redeemed and transformed people. Now as agents of his glory, we are to reflect with increasing accuracy the reality of God (glorify). As our life transforms to his likeness, it increasingly reflects what is true about God. We are like mirrors constantly needing to be cleaned and polished in order to sharpen the reflection. Therefore, we should not be surprised when God uses the abrasive agent of adversity to accomplish his purpose in and through us.

This unit of HighQuest will explore some of God's attributes that reflect his glory: Sovereignty, Holiness, Wisdom, Justice, Goodness, Jealousy, Faithfulness, Grace, Patience

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