Mighty Men of Valor
Strength, Courage, and Passion

These life-to-life Bible studies are ideal for one-to-one and small-group study. Men from the Bible, church history, and the present day will serve as mentors of godly strength, courage, and passion. God will also use His living and active word to shape you and the men you journey with along the way!

Consider using these studies in one (or more!) of the following ways:

  • Use these studies as a daily devotional. We strongly encourage every man to take time out for a daily meeting—or appointment—with God.
  • Work through these studies with another man. Think of this as walking Side-by-Side, meeting weekly for mutual growth, support, and accountability.
  • Connect with other men in a triad or small-group setting. Think of Jesus, who invested in a small group of 12 men, guiding them on the spiritual journey.
These books are readily available online for $5.50 each for a hard copy through Amazon here. In addition, we are also making each available as a free download PDF, which is especially helpful as you consider using these Bible studies as described above. In particular, we recommend that you consider ordering, or printing, multiple copies to launch or support a disciple-making ministry to men. 

We value your feedback and stories of how God is using these materials in your ministry, email us at mmov@makeamark.net. In addition, LIKE us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/makeamarkministries.